How to Survive an Eclipse: 3 Mantras to Help You Thrive

If you've perused a metaphysical website in the last two weeks, the odds are good you've heard about the lunar eclipse coming up tomorrow. I'm also willing to bet that what you've heard may have been a bit more gloom and doom than sunshine and rainbows. While it's true that eclipses bring major life events, that doesn't mean that the events are going to be scary or bad!

Eclipses can be very exciting when you know how to work with them. Still not sure how to brace for the impact? Here are three mantras to help you survive an eclipse:


“I release what no longer serves me.”

At the time of an eclipse, something or someone can literally be eclipsed out of your life. The things that leave often do so quickly, and without much advance notice. In traditional astrology, the sun symbolizes the masculine, while the moon represents the feminine. At a lunar eclipse, watch for major events involving the women in your life: your lover, mother, sister, colleague, or yourself.

When it's time for an eclipse, release your grip on the status quo. Or, take an active approach. Do some journaling and consider what's just not working for you anymore. It's a perfect time to do a ritual to help you psychologically and spiritually let go of the things in your life that have turned toxic. Write them down and burn them. Whisper them to a stone or a flower and toss it in a body of water. Do whatever it takes to release the old and invite in the new.


“I embrace change.”

The changes that arise under an eclipse don't always have to do with something leaving. As a matter of fact, you might be gobsmacked by something brand new and fantastic arriving in your life seemingly unannounced. At a lunar eclipse, you could meet a female business owner who offers you the opportunity of a lifetime. Or, a beautiful woman could swoop down from above and sweep you off your feet! These are just a few examples, of course, but anything could happen.

The most important thing to remember is to keep an open mind. I've seen so many people pass up on beautiful opportunities because they seemed to sudden and, therefore, scary. The lunar eclipse might be offering you a gift, but it's up to you to embrace it.


“I am listening to the universe.”

Eclipses are notorious for delivering messages that we need to hear in the eleventh hour. It may come in the form of a song lyric on the radio, or words spoken in passing conversation. It could manifest as a symbol, like an animal, or in a vivid dream. If you've ever asked the universe to give you a sign, this may be it. The message doesn't have to be mystical, but it will act as a catalyst for change.

The best thing you can do under an eclipse is listen as closely as you can. Pay attention to synchronicity. Meditate. Listen to what lies within the pauses of everyday life and see what the multiverse is trying to tell you. I promise it's speaking, you just have to be quiet enough to hear it.

Here's the way I see it: eclipses are the universe's way of cleaning house. They sweep out the dirt and grime, then spruce the place up with lovely flowers on the kitchen table. Sometimes it takes a little elbow grease to really get the place spotless, but by the end, it's totally worth it. During this lunar eclipse remember that the universe is doing you a favor, no matter how unexpected it may be!


Wishing you a happy and peaceful full moon eclipse!


(Image Credit: 2001, A Space Odyssey)